Øivind Weingaarde

I have a Cand Phil degree in Philosophy. I have more than 30 years of experience with meditation. My inspiration comes from many years of practise with Buddhism, eastern and western philosophy, nature and art.


My work and life is all about how to create and maintain contact with the basic qualities of life such as silence, awereness, intimacy and creativity.


My teachers have been Budhiddst Lamas, monks and nuns from the east and the west as well as psychotherapists.


Anette Utterbäck

I have a PhD in Social Medicine, I’m a licensed psychologist/psychotherapist as well as Specialist in Clinical Psychology. I also have an education as supervisor for Psychotherapists. I have more than 20 years of experience with psychotherapy, supervision and education.


For many years I have had Aisha Salem as my closest teacher, in combination with learning Psychoanalytical Energy Psychology with Phil Mollon, and energy work with Kari Paues. I am deeply grateful to them for helping me to peel off my own layers of conditioning and educate myself for the work I do with other people.

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