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I work as much with myself as I do with the people that come to see me. I grew up in a religious community which means that among other things I have had to deal with the up-rooting of strong religious conditioning. My work aims at peeling off the layers of conditioning and beliefs we have in order to have a direct experience of our own being - and when we no longer restrict ourselves (because of our belief system) to experience the world through our five senses; we start to get a direct experience of ”the unseen” reality. And that is not based on belief.


I’m a mother of three beautiful souls, two daughters and one son, now in their twenties. I have experienced divorce, financial challenges and other life challenges, as well as deep love, joy and fulfillment in my life; in relationships, creativity and work - and through nature.


I feel immense gratitude to my partner, Øivind Weingaarde, for the work we have done and continuously are doing together in helping each other to love ourselves and each other deeper, to mature in love and as human beings.