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It may be experienced as unhappiness within; for instance as addictions, depression, anxiety or even suicidal thoughts or actions. It may also lead to difficulties in achieving our goals, being creative in the world - or a constant failure and disappointment in relationships, and so on. Wether it is experienced as a lack of love  and fulfillment in relationships, or a lack of money to support ourselves and family - or being creative and create what you want in life - doesn't matter.


What matters is to understand that our experiences are a reflection of our mind. If our living reality is full of hardships and disappointments and we are not at peace with that; then we need to look within ourselves to find the solution. It doesn’t solve anything to play the victim game and make our close ones, childhood experiences or unlucky circumstances responsible for our experiences and how we feel inside.


Most of us see reality through an extremely solid belief system imprinted from family and society, unaware of how deeply this distorts reality. Peeling off the layers of conditioning allows the true being to emerge, our essence, so that we can be truly authentic and recognize ourselves and reality as it actually is. This is an ongoing self-investigation.


The core wounds we carry within are constantly repeated in different ways until we heal them. To heal this we need to face ourselves very deep, and meet the underlying pain (that oftentimes we are not even aware of), and actually learn what it means to love ourselves deep enough to take responsibility for who we are and our true needs and what we send out into our shared space. One of our true needs is to contribute with our uniqueness to the whole.


This is the aim of our work together. The retreats we offer are unfolding as we are. But the core of it is that we want to offer a safe space for you to meet yourself deeper so that you can return to innocence, but with the wisdom and maturity gained through experience.  We want to facilitate for you to access your own vulnerability and be who you are in your essence. Not who you think you are or think you have to be….


Øivind holds the space for self-investigation through meditation.  Meditation is a way to get in deeper contact with yourself, and reach both questions you have - and answers you need.


Anette holds the space for self-investigation through shared experiences in the group-setting. Listening to each other and offering your own issues into the group is a deeply healing experience for all included. Anette is giving her reflections to facilitate a deeper understanding for yourself and each other. We also share our own experiences on how to work with each other within a relationship, both through relating and sexuality. This web-site and what we offer together is a result of our commitment to Love and to each other; and our listening to what Life wants to do through us.